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«Being there» … my personal explanation of its ending

If you don’t think that you can´t do something, you might possibly do it...that’s the whole meaning of that final scene with the words "life is a state of mind"... think nothing about you, have no ego...and you might conquer the is absolutely brilliant...the final scene is pure genius...
Final scene

The final scene is simply a metaphor. Every person that meets Chance simply reflects on him their own life´s references («I have been there, being there I know, so I understand what you mean»…my reference of life)…

In the final scene, you have never walk on water because you apply physical laws to your thoughts, you are a rational person…but Chance was empty in his brain, he did not know any laws whatsoever, no human laws, no physical laws, but his own reference about gardening.

When he walks over water, you cannot relate to him, and immediately become aware that he is a different person, it’s not you, and you have not «being there», so you might start disliking him, because it breaks your own private references of life.

Besides that, the metaphor tries to tell you that being ignorant of your surroundings, not having references of nothing, gives you the power of bold, «fortune favors the bold»…you can go very far in life just by being a simple man, with no complexes, no envy, no expectations, no ambitions…you even can go as high as to walk on water…not knowing about your limitations gives you infinite power…if you don’t think that you can´t do something, you might possibly do it…that’s the whole meaning of that final scene with the words «life is a state of mind»… think nothing about you, have no ego…and you might conquer the world…it is absolutely brilliant…the final scene is pure genius…


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  1. The mirror was dirty, sprinkling spray made it just blurred now. What if keeping doing it, what if the native language in the brain is not useful anymore, what if the hate for words becomes that mirror and suddenly nurtures the reflection. What if feeding my plants and birds became utterly undesirable. Some bushes and tress have died perhaps is the seasonal change but the alpines are still alive. The bulbs are in, hoping they nicely grow and the squirrels don’t get them. Will contact the lawn mower man eventually to cut the grass, it will the last one until spring comes. Remembering «being there»…thanks.

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